All-in-One Shrink Wrapper FM5540

All-in-One Shrink Wrapper FM5540

Item# allinone-shrink-wrapper-fm

Product Description

This machine is a great asset for small companies that need an economical way to shrink wrap their products. Because of the unique configuration of this machine only 1 operator is required. The machine features a rack to hold center folded shrink film up to 16" wide. There is a loading area to place the product inside the film prior to sealing. Then the product is placed in the sealing area. Once the sealing operation is complete, the machine blows hot air on the product to shrink the film. Operator can set the sealing time and temperature for the hot air. Suitable for POV, POF, and PVC shrink films. Maximum package size is 22" x 16" x 12". Required 220 volt power. Model #FM5540

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