Manual Induction Sealer

Manual Induction Sealer

Manual Induction Sealer
Item# DGYF-A500I

Product Description

This series portable induction sealing machine and continuous induction sealing machine utilizes electro magnetic induction principle to produce instant high heat to melt aluminum foil that then adheres to the bunghole, reaching the aim of keeping freshness in and extending preservation time.

This type of induction sealer is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pesticides, lubricant and cosmetics etc.

This machine is compact and light weight making easy to operate where ever it is needed. Machine operates at 110 volts and is capable of up to 30 seals per minute. Weight is approx. 15lbs.

Available sizes are Sport - 15 to 35mm Regular - 20 to 100mm Large - 60 to 130mm

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